I. M. Healthy E. coli Outbreak Continues: Two Additional Victims Identified in Portland, Oregon

Two recent cases of E. coli, identified in patrons of a Portland Oregon daycare facility, have now been linked to the I. M. healthy E. coli outbreak that has sickened about 20 people in 9 states.  At least three others have pending tests to see if they too are linked to the outbreak.  The victims were made ill after consumption of the SoyNut butter, a peanut, wheat and dairy free peanut butter alternative.

According to Multnomah County Health Department officials, the Portland cases are a genetic match to the wider-U.S. outbreak  strain of E. coli.  The pending tests are Shiga Toxin positive, but the strain of E. coli and its genetic PFGE have yet to be determined.  Nonetheless, the likelihood is good that these additional cases will be linked to the I. M. Healthy E. coli outbreak.

Officials are warning that consumers should check their cupboards for the tainted product, which has a relatively long shelf-life, and dispose of it.  E. coli can survive for an extended period of time in the packaged product, and as such can continue to cause illnesses for the foreseeable r future if the product is not adequately removed from the shelves of consumers.  For this reason, stores are encouraged to reach out to consumers and notify them of the important recall of the SoyNut product line.

For more information about the I. M. Healthy E. coli outbreak , call 1-888-335-4901.