Certain Midwestern states, such as Illinois and Missouri, are having to take Butternut Spirals down after the supplier, Austin, Texas based Veggie Noodle Company, announced a recall of 62 cases of the noodles after routine testing indicated that the product may contain Listeria monocytogenes, a bacteria that can be life threatening, especially young children, older people, and people who are immuno-compromised.  It is also a serious threat to pregnant women because it can cause miscarriages and still births.

According to Veggie Noodle Company, the product is easily identifiable in the refrigerated section of the grocery in 10.7 oz containers made of plastic and bearing a UPC code of 852287006059 and had a best if used by date of 02/23/2017.

Ron Simon and Associates is currently representing numerous individuals in lawsuits and claims linked to Listeria, such as Blue Bell Ice Cream and CRF frozen vegetables.