The Boise Co Op Salmonella Claim Center at Ron Simon & Associates is currently taking calls from the many victims of salmonella food poisoning who ate food from the Boise Co Op – either at the main store or through one of its airport kiosks. According to Idaho’s Central District Health Department, the Boise store has now been linked to at least 250 cases of salmonellosis and is fast approaching being the state’s largest food borne outbreak, historically. The original source of the salmonella has not been determined yet, but “preliminary test results showed Salmonella growth in raw turkey, tomatoes and onion,” this according to a spokesperson for the CDHD. The illnesses are linked to food served from June 1 to June 10, after which the Boise Co Op Deli was closed. CDHD allowed it to reopen on June 19th, following intense cleaning and sanitizing.

Meanwhile, the Boise Co Op Salmonella Claim Center at Ron Simon & Associates has been working with those it represents in this outbreak, as well as taking calls daily from others who have questions about the outbreak or need to discuss how to pursue a claim against the Boise Co Op for their injuries and related expenses. For more information about the Boise Co Op salmonella outbreak, or to speak to a Boise Co Op Salmonella Claim Center attorney, call 1-888-335-4901.