Cat Food Recalled for Exposure to Salmonella

    Cat Food Recalled for Exposure to Salmonella

    Cat Food Recalled for Exposure to Salmonella

    Go Raw, LLC is recalling their “Quest Beef Cat Food” brand of a frozen two-pound bag for fear of salmonella contamination.  The raw food company, Go Raw, LLC which is based in Cottonwood, Utah voluntarily recalled their frozen beef cat food that is packaged with the name “Quest”. The recall announcement was made after the Minnesota Department of Agriculture tested a sample of the product and found traces of salmonella. Go Raw, LLC suspects only some of the raw beef cat food was contaminated because their own quality testing came back clean. However, for the safety of their customers and pets, the entire batch has been recalled. The specific batch of Quest beef cat food that is recalled for salmonella is the frozen two-pound bag with the UPC code 6-91730-17101-8 and the Lot number N128.

    The risk of salmonella food poisoning is a concern for both the pet eating the contaminated food as well as the owner handling either the food or the sick animal. Salmonella sickness

    in humans can be mild to severe and some of the symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or fever. The Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA) encourages anyone who is concerned they are ill from salmonella contamination to contact a health professional. Animals that fall sick from salmonella poisoning may show no sign of being ill other than having a decreased appetite and abdominal pains.  These pets who have been exposed to salmonella could also have more obvious symptoms of diarrhea, blood stools, fever and vomiting. It is important to contact a veterinarian if there is concern after consuming the recalled cat food from the company Go Raw, LLC.



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