Potential New Method to Trace Food Poisoning: “Barcoded” Spores

Norovirus Outbreak at Pediatric Center in DC: Norovirus Spreads through Food Poisoning

Norovirus outbreak identified at children’s hospital in DC: Food poisoning? The Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) Pediatric Center in Northeast Washington, DC, has identified three...
Most Common Cause of Food borne Illness

Norovirus: The Most Common Cause of Food Borne Illness

Norovirus: Most Common Cause of Food borne Illness It’s spring break season! If you are planning on taking cruise this spring, consider the risks before hopping...
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that raw oysters harvested in Canada are potentially contaminated and may be the source of a norovirus outbreak in many US states

Norovirus Hits Peak:  New Cases in 2017 On Track to Hit Average

Norovirus is a mutating virus that makes it difficult to fight.  The human body is not able to develop immunity because of the mutative...
Taylor Shellfish Outbreak

Link of Food Borne Illnesses to Oysters at Seattle’s Taylor Shellfish Remains Unconfirmed

Seattle-King County Public Health (SPH) has announced it is investigating a cluster of illness associated with consuming raw oysters - which can be the...
Norovirus infections on University of Oregon Campus

Overlooked Outbreak: Norovirus Infections at the University of Oregon

Given the massive number of recent recalls due to concerns regarding foods contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes - a foodborne bacteria that can cause potentially...
Lansing Carrabba's Confirms Norovirius Outbreak

Norovirus Confirmed as Cause of More than 100 Illnesses in Lansing, Michigan

More than 100 people became sick after eating at a Carrabba's restaurant in East Lansing, Michigan. The Barry-Eaton District Health Department stated that tests...
Norovirus outbreak at Flanders Hotel wedding

Over 40 Wedding Guests Contract Norovirus After Attending Wedding at the Flanders Hotel

One or two days after an April 30th wedding held at the Flanders hotel in Cape May County, New Jersey, about one-third of the...
University of Oregon norovirus outbreak

Another Campus Norovirus Outbreak in Oregon

For the second time in five weeks, a confirmed norovirus outbreak is spreading across an Oregon university campus. Earlier this spring, Oregon State University...
Carleton College Norovirus Outbreak linked to Cafe

Carleton College Norovirus Update – Minnesota Officials Release New Information to Food Poisoning News...

Minnesota Health Officials Issue Statement to Food Poisoning News - Carleton College Norovirus Outbreak Confirms Investigation of Specific Food Establishment linked to "Carleton College Outbreak" In...
carleton college norovirus outbreak

Hogan Brothers’ Acoustic Café Linked to Carleton College Norovirus Outbreak

About 25 students at Carleton College have fallen ill with norovirus. The outbreak comes during a season that has included outbreaks at Universities across...

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