Cavi Brand Papaya Salmonella Outbreak: Cavi Papaya Direct Link to Salmonella Uganda Outbreak

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    Cavi Brand Papaya Salmonella Outbreak: Cavi Papaya Direct Link to Salmonella Uganda Outbreak

    After issuing a warning on all papaya imported from Mexico, due to a Salmonella Uganda contamination, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) are now confident that only one brand is to be avoided, Cavi brand papayas. These fresh, whole papayas are imported from Mexico and have only one distributor here in the states. Agroson’s LLC, of the Bronx, New York, has been in contact with health officials and are aware of the salmonella strain contamination. Although

    Papaya salmonella outbreak
    Food Safety Author Erika Beach

    authorities indicate that Agroson’s refuses to issue the recommended recall, news outlets and health organizations are doing their best to spread the word to consumers. Again, public health officials are confident that all other papaya brands are safe for consumption and not a part of this outbreak.

    The Salmonella Uganda outbreak, which has developed over the previous six months, has impacted eight different states. The most highly impacted, i.e. having the most reported cases of illness, are New York at twenty-seven, New Jersey at eighteen and Connecticut at fourteen. In total, seventy-one individuals have reported illness as a result of Salmonella Uganda exposure with twenty-seven hospitalizations. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported. When this outbreak surfaced, as is protocol when an episode such as this occurs, the CDC quickly gathered as much information as they could in an attempt to mitigate further illness. Steps taken included interviewing ill consumers, tracing the product back to its original source and testing the suspected food source for the Salmonella Uganda bacteria. When they had enough data to comfortable declare Cavi brand papayas as the source, they worked to get the public aware and the product off of shelves.

    Salmonella Uganda symptoms typically surface in 12-72 hours and last 4-7 days. Of all cases of this strain of salmonella, we typically see about a twenty percent hospitalization rate. In this outbreak, however, the hospitalization rate is closer to sixty percent. Public Health officials are asking distributors to stop distribution and to discard of the Cavi fresh, whole papayas. Restaurants and other food manufacturers are advised to stop serving this product or making items such as fruit salads or other mixes that include this brand. And consumers are warned of the same- discard of all Cavi brand papayas and disinfect all surfaces where they were stored. Salmonella infections are usually accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramping. If you think you may have consumed this product already, or are concerned about contamination, you are urged to seek professional medical advice.

    Cavi Brand Papaya Salmonella Outbreak or Cavi Papaya Direct Link to Salmonella Uganda Outbreak


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