Deadly Salmonella Ground Beef: CDC Identifies Salmonella Dublin

    New E Coli Test Designed by Researchers at KSU: Faster Results to Detect E. Coli
    New E Coli Test Designed by Researchers at KSU: Faster Results to Detect E. Coli

    Deadly Salmonella Ground Beef: CDC Identifies Salmonella Dublin, but Not Source

    Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and California – Victims of salmonella have been identified in these states, all linked to ground beef.  The source of the Salmonella Dublin outbreak, however, has not been definitively identified.  So far, finding a single source has been illusive – but officials are confident that ground beef is the origin of this potentially deadly bacteria.  Salmonella Dublin is just one of many thousands of strains of salmonella that can infect food, but has traditionally been linked to cows and beef.

    “Authorities have not identified the decedent,” says National Salmonella lawyer Ron Simon, “but chances are they are elderly or very young, or perhaps had an underlying condition that made them susceptible to infection and deleterious injury.”  Some of those conditions include cancer patients or those with a compromised immune system.  In this outbreak, in half of the victims the salmonella was isolated in blood cultures – indicative of sepsis – pointing to the severity of their illness.

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    At least 10 people have been CONFIRMED sickened by Salmonella Dublin, but this number is very likely to grow as more people are tested and the word gets out about the salmonella outbreak. It can also take weeks for a reported case to be confirmed an d counted in the official CDC numbers.

    The CDC is urging consumers to avoid any under-cooked beef.

    While no salmonella lawsuit has yet been filed in this outbreak, because there is an implicit guarantee that food manufactured or sold in the US is to be free of adulteration and contamination, National Salmonella lawyer Ron Simon believes it is just a matter of time, noting “the injuries caused by salmonellosis are serious and can cause a great deal of pain, suffering, loss, and financial cost to the victims.”


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