Illegal “Queso Mexicano” Leads to Over 100 Illnesses Across Illinois, Including the City of Chicago

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Board of Health Performed Routine Inspections Found no Issues Related to the Cooking of Food Products

Throughout Illinois, the unlawful manufacture of a traditional white, moist cheese, which is popular in Mexico, has caused about three dozen consumers to be hospitalized and another six dozen to become ill.  All of the victims have been reported ill over the last two years.  The popular Queso Mexicano has been sold by traveling vendors, from lunch trucks, on street corners, and in places of employment, including factories where many of the workers are from Latin America.  So far, according to certain health department officials from the affected counties (which include Boone, Cook, DuPage, Fayette, Kane, Lake, LaSalle, Macon, Marion, McHenry, Vermillion, Washington and Will Counties), the manufacturer has not yet been identified and much of the cheese was sold without any label, being wrapped only in aluminum foil.  These health departments are encouraging individuals who become ill to report their illnesses to their local health departments to assist the investigators determine the source.  At present, the Illinois Department of Public Health is heading the investigation, and is encouraging individuals to only purchase cheese, or Queso Mexicano, from reputable vendors and where the manufacturer is clearly displayed on the packaging.

Ron Simon, one the nations foremost salmonella lawyers who has represented many Illinois victims in salmonella outbreaks, stated: “at present the source of the salmonella outbreak in Chicago and throughout Illinois remains a mystery, but victims can help by reporting their illnesses to their health department and cooperating with investigators.  What is important is that we help authorities stop the illegal manufacture of Mexican style cheese, known as Queso Mexicano, to safeguard our families and the communities in which we live.”  Mr. Simon stated he would continue to follow developments in this salmonella outbreak.

Illegal “Queso Mexicano” Leads to Over 100 Illnesses Across Illinois, Including the City of Chicago.  For more information, call 713-306-3880.  Se habla Espanol.


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