Ruiz Foods Products Issues Foreign Object Recall: Breakfast Wraps May Contain Rocks

Fried Eggs With Bacon Sausages And Greens

Breakfast Wraps May Contain Rocks – Ruiz Foods Products Issues Foreign Object Recall

Ruiz Foods Products Inc. out of Denison Texas has issued a recall of read-made, frozen, breakfast wraps. These microwaveable products may contain foreign objects in the bacon used- namely pebbles. Nearly 250k lbs. of this product are a part of the recall.

This dangerous addition is specific to one breakfast wrap variety- containing favorites; eggs, bacon, potatoes and cheese sauce – all produced on January 17th and 18th of 2019. The recall for what is considered the family size, and containing 8 wraps, bears the name ‘El Monterey Egg, Potato, Bacon and Cheese Sauce Breakfast Wraps. Having a one year shelf-life, the expiry date is January 17th 2020 and January 18th 2020.

The recall was prompted by 3 individuals having discovered the mistakenly added ingredient, just late last week. One consumer has reported a possible injury in connection to this product directly to Ruiz Foods. However, the USDA has not received, nor heard of, any further reports.  The concern remains, though, that as this breakfast wrap is a freezer product, and with a one-year ‘best-by’ date, injuries could occur in the future.

Food Safety Advocate and contributor Erika Beach
Food Safety Author Erika Beach

According to dental professionals, even a very small crack as a result of biting into something hard, like a rock, can lead to a much larger issue over time. A small, hairline crack can slowly grow and require extraction of the tooth. Often times, you will not even be able to see or feel the crack until it is too late.

The USDA makes it a practice to verify that manufacturers of recalled products are taking steps to contact consumers they suspect have purchased the products in question. As Ruiz Foods distributes these breakfast wraps nationwide, capturing all possible consumers is no small task.

Consumers are urged to check their freezer for this product containing the produced-by and best by date noted above and can look for an establishment number on the package that reads: “EST. 17523A”.  At this time Ruiz Foods is unsure of the source behind these small rocks having made their way into the bacon, but continue to investigation.




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