300 Marines Sickened in  at Marine Corps Recruit Depot E. Coli Outbreak in San Diego.

The Department of Justice has just confirmed that 300 Marines were likely sickened in an E. Coli outbreak at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) located in San Diego, California, and at Edson Range on Camp Pendleton.  According to local reports, at least 300 of the 5,500 recruits currently in training at MCRD have become ill from ingestion of E. Coli bacteria.  The most recent report indicates that at least 14 of the recruits have developed serious complications -one such complication that can be life-threatening is

The Marine Corps says 69 recruits in Southern California are being treated for apparent exposure to E. coli and nine have developed a serious complication.

Those being treated Friday include 14 new cases among some 5,500 recruits at Camp Pendleton and the San Diego recruiting depot. The military says nine developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a problem that can cause anemia and kidney damage.

Overall, about 300 Marines have been affected by a week-old outbreak of the diarrheal illness.

The source of the outbreak is under investigation.

Training continues and some 500 Marines graduated from training on Friday.

The Marine Corps says efforts will be made to allow recruits who had to miss training to make it up.

, or HUS, that can lead to kidney failure and the need for kidney trnslantation.   These include the most recent According to commanding general of the Western Recruiting Region, which includes MCRD, Brig. Gen. William Jurney:

Our immediate focus is identifying, isolating and treating recruits who present symptoms . . . We are working to identify the cause of the sickness, making sure our affected recruits can return to training as soon as possible and continuing training for recruits not influenced.

According to a spokesperson for MCRD a number of cases were reported over the weekend, but then a spike of cases presented Monday.  The outbreak has led to at least 10 hospitalizations in the San Diego region, but most cases are being treated by military personnel on base.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot E. Coli Outbreak: Steps Taken to Prevent Spread

Investigation into the source is ongoing, with the Naval Medical Center San Diego’s Preventative Medicine Unit taking the lead in inspecting all common areas, including barracks and meal areas.  In addition, the following steps to prevent the spread of E. Coli are being implemented:

  • Isolation of current victims;
  • Recruit education on personal hygiene, including handwashing; and
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of all MCRD facilities.

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