Sargento Added to List of Companies Recalling Cheese From Indiana Supplier

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Sargento Foods, Inc. is one of the largest cheese makers in the U.S., selling its products in stores large and small throughout the U.s., including Kroger, HEB, and myriad other locations.  Unfortunately, it is not issuing a recall of a number of its most popular products, including the Ultra Thin Sliced Longhorn Colby, Sliced Colby-Jack Cheese, Sliced Pepper Jack Cheese, Chef Blends Shredded Taco Cheese, Off The Block Shredded Fine Cut Colby-Jack Cheese, and Off The Block Shredded Fine Cut Cheddar Jack Cheese.  Sargento is only one of a number of cheese producers who are being compelled to issue a recall after a food supplier in Indiana announced that Listeria had been found in its product line.  MDS Foods and Meijer both have issued a recall citing to findings of Listeria in cheeses supplied to them by  Deutsch Kase Haus, LLC, out of Middlebury, Indiana.

 All of the Sargento cheese subject to this recall were manufactured at its facility in Plymouth, Wisconsin. And while not all flavors were implicated by the Indiana supplier, at least five other flavors are being recalled”out of an abundance of caution”  to prevent the spread of Listeria.  In addition due to the fact that Sargento supplies cheese to Taylor Farms, it was forced to issue a recall of nearly 7000 pounds salad products of its own. including the popular Signature Cafe Southwest Chicken Pre-made Salad and Southwest Style Salad with Chicken, as well as “H-E-B Shake Rattle & Bowl Rowdy Ranch Hand.” The wide-ranging reach of these recalls is a demonstration of how interrelated the U.S. food market has become.
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