Undeclared Milk Leads to Recall by Frito Lay of Potato Chips

Recall by Frito Lay
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Recall by Frito Lay Due to Undeclared Milk.

When you need a snack its generally a longing for one of two things: sweets or salt. And, nothing satisfies a craving for something savory like a bag of salty chips. Frito Lay, one of America’s most popular brands of potato chip, is recalling their Lay’s Lightly Salted Barbecue Potato Chips due to an unexpected ingredient. CNN is reporting that flavoring from another variety of chip was mistakenly added to some bags of the Lightly Salted Barbeque variety bringing with it an undeclared ingredient- that of milk.

Food Safety Advocate and contributor Erika Beach
Food Safety Author Erika Beach

Specific to the recall by Frito Lay due to undeclared milk are the 7.75 oz bags with a “Guaranteed Fresh” by date of August 27, 2019. These bags were distributed to stores nationwide, twenty-four in total, reaching from the Pacific Northwest to include Washington and Oregon, to Tennessee and Texas, down south. Beyond the “Guaranteed Fresh” by date, consumers can look for a code on the bag added by the manufacturer. Bags with the number ‘29’ as the second and third digits in the 9-digit code and the UPC number 28400 63424 on the rear side of the bag are a part of the recall. Consumers are urged to toss the product or seek a refund from store having sold them this product.

The addition of undeclared milk can have serious consequences, which is why there is a recall by Frito Lay. Though most consumers would experience no negative reaction, others could suffer discomfort from a condition known as ‘lactose intolerance’. Others could have a potentially fatal allergic reaction. The severity of reaction varies substantially and will usually surface anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours after ingestion. Lactose intolerance is the bodies inability to properly digest lactose. Our bodies require an enzyme called ‘lactase’ to break down lactose and those with an insufficient amount of this enzyme end up with distress to the digestive system.

Symptoms can include:

· Bloating

· Cramps

· Flatulence

· Nausea/vomiting

· Abnormal stool

Although no allergic reactions or illness have been reported thus far from consumption of this product, the manufacturer is taking no chances. In addition to this recall, the Lay’s company is voluntarily issuing an allergy alert. The FDA publishes these alerts, along with recalls, on their site as a service to consumers, not as an affiliate of the company.


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