Almost 4,000 pounds of meat products recalled for listeria contamination

An Oceanside, California, company is recalling 3,946 pounds of ready-to-eat meat products because of listeria contamination. Olli Salumeria Americana recalled the products, sold under the brands Gusto and Olli, after an inspection by Canadian Food Inspection Agency officials found Listeria monocytogenes contamination in the packaged products.

The recalled products were not heat treated, shelf stable, ready-to-eat meat items that were packaged on January 19, 2018. The meat products were shipped to a number of retail locations throughout the US and were exported to Canada. The following products have been recalled:

  • 6 oz. packages of “Gusto NAPOLI APPLEWOOD-SMOKED SALAME” containing lot code 1000012821.
  • 6 oz. packages of “Gusto CHORIZO SMOKED PAPRIKA” containing lot code 1000012812.
  • 6 oz. packages of “Gusto SOPRESSATA BLACK PEPPERCORN SALAME” containing lot code 1000012811.
  • 6 oz. packages of “Gusto TOSCANO FENNEL POLLEN SALAME” containing lot code 1000012805.
  • 6 oz. packages of “Gusto PEPPERONI CLASSICALLY AMERICAN” containing lot code 1000012804.
  • 175 gram packages of “OLLI MOLISANA PEPPER + GARLIC SALAMI” containing lot code 1000012808.
  • 175 gram packages of “OLLI NAPOLI APPLEWOOD-SMOKED SALAMI” containing lot code 1000012810.
  • 175 gram packages of “OLLI CALABRESE SPICY SALAMI” containing lot code 1000012807.

These products bear establishment number “M-45334” inside the USDA mark of inspection.

Retail stores that probably carry the recalled items include Whole Foods Market locations in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Listeria contamination can cause serious food poisoning symptoms, including fever, gastrointestinal symptoms, and muscle aches. Consumers are urged not to eat any of the recalled products listed, to avoid illnesses that may result.  If you have any questions about listeriosis or would like to discuss a potential food poisoning case, please contact the food poisoning lawyers at 1-888-335-4901.