Trump to Order Executive Order to Keep Meat Factories Open

Washington Pork Implicated in Summer Salmonella Outbreak Responsible for 192 Cases of Salmonella Poisoning

Washington pork linked to massive summer Salmonella outbreak During the summer of 2015, Washington state experienced the largest Salmonella outbreak in the state's recent history. The...
Researchers Work on Developing a Rapid Salmonella Detection Test

New Technology: Quicker Test Results but Slower Progress Towards Food Safety

Study Shows New Bacterial Testing Technology May Be Step in the Wrong Direction for Food Safety The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released...
Reser's Recall Listeria Dole Canada

Reser’s Recall Expands to Canada: Another Cross-Border Listeria Salad Recall

Reser's Fine Foods Expands Salad Recall to Canada. Reser's Fine Foods, in conjunction with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), announced a recall of two...
Minnesota’s State Fair e. coli Lawsuit: “Miracle of Birth” Exhibit is Possible Culprit of E. coli Outbreak

Oak Leaf Dairy Outbreak Grows to 41 Confirmed Cases of E. coli

Largest E. coli Outbreak in Connecticut History Continues to Grow Connecticut Department of Public Health (CDPH) officials updated the public on the status of the Oak...
Pistachios responsible for multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Montevideo

Pistachios Linked to Outbreak of Salmonella

CDC Announces Recall, Outbreak Linked to Wonderful Pistachios The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)...

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Tarantino Wholesale Foods Distributor Recalls Ready-to-Eat Chicken Breast Products That May be Undercooked

  WASHINGTON, Nov. 26, 2020 – Tarantino Wholesale Foods Distributor, a San Diego, Calif., establishment, is recalling approximately 1,115 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken breast...