E. coli Lawyer: Silliman Institute Extends Easter Break

Silliman E. coli

The Silliman Institute, a private daycare though high school in Clinton, Louisiana, has extended its Easter break to allow time for the running of a food poisoning outbreak linked to E. coli. The investigation into the outbreak of E. coli at the Silliman Institute, founded in 1852, is being led by Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals. According to Ashley Lewis, a spokeswoman for the agency, “the Department continues to take all necessary preventive measures to protect public health.” She noted, however, that Louisiana law prohibited her disclosing any of the facts related to the epidemiological investigation to anyone other than school officials. She did confirm, however, that the extended closure was a voluntary act on the part of Silliman institute.

According to local reports and various Facebook entries, the Silliman Institute opened for classes on Monday, but closed again almost immediately. Although it is not known how many students have become ill, a least two children have been hospitalized, including one young girl with hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS), a potentially life threatening illness related to kidney failure. It remains to be seen how the E. coli entered the school, or how many children acquired E. coli from the Institute.

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