El Taco Del Rey has Insurance – Brownsville Victims Can Seek Compensation

El Rey Del Taco lawyer Tony Coveny PhD
Food Poisoning Lawyer Tony Coveny, PhD, in Brownsville Visiting El Rey Del Taco

The Brownsville restaurant, El Rey Del Taco, is a local favorite and has been for many years. But now its reputation is under a cloud as dozens of patrons were sickened on January 30th, most late that evening after consuming various items on the El Rey Del Taco menu.  Many of the victims were rushed to the hospital, while others tried to recoup at home, most suffering some combination of the following: vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and later signs of serious dehydration, seizures and/or fatigue and pain. At least three were taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

As word of the outbreak at El Rey Del Taco spread, health and safety personnel from both Cameron County and Brownsville joined local first responders in taking immediate action.  The immediate actions translated into both police reports and restaurant inspections that led authorities to close the restaurant and forbid entry by anyone unaccompanied by a health department official – the notice, hung on the door January 31st on bright orange paper, warned of fines for those who disregarded the Notice.

El Rey Del Taco has Insurance

The future of the restaurant remains unclear, but what was finally made clear today (by representation of a spokesperson for the restaurant – a reputable source but as yet unconfirmed) is that El Rey Del Taco had an insurance policy in place and the victims will be able to move forward and seek compensation.  This, according to Ron Simon & Associates, is a very positive development in the process of making people whole who have suffered from the food poisoning outbreak caused by eating food served at El Rey Del Taco bin Brownsville

According to Tony Coveny, Ph.D., a food poisoning lawyer, the plaintiffs who have already filed an El Rey Del Taco lawsuit, as well as the other victims n the El Rey Del Taco food poisoning outbreak, will all be able to push forward with claims for the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  According to food poisoning lawyer Tony Coveny:

“The victims in a food poisoning outbreak often seek to recoup the damages done to them, much like the victims in a car accident.  In a car accident, the other driver is required to carry and insurance policy – that is true of restaurant owners too, though sometimes smaller restaurants fail to comply.  In the case of the El Rey Del Taco lawsuit, we are glad to say the restaurant owner was responsible enough to have insurance for an accident like this one.”

Ron Simon & Associates, who represent the majority of the victims, is still deciding whether an additional lawsuit should be filed, an answer that will depend in large part on how quickly the restaurant and its insurance carrier wants to move in settling the claims it faces for the January 30th poisoning of dozens of patrons.


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