Oak Glen Food Poisoning Outbreak: At Least 47 California Victims have been Identified after Church Groups Visited the Oak Glen Christian Conference Center and Contracted Food Poisoning

Oak Glen Food Poisoning
Oak Glen Christian Conference Center Food Poisoning Outbreak: At Least 47 Victims have been Identified from Various Other California Churches

Oak Glen Food Poisoning Outbreak Sickens Nearly 50: Bernardino County Leading the Investigation Into the Source of the Oak Glen Christian Conference Center

According to a Bernardino County Health Department spokesperson, Lana Coa, at least 47 individuals have become ill with food poisoning after visiting the Oak Glen Christian Conference Center, including visitors from other churches.  One medial outlet identified the visitors as being form “Connecting Point Community Church in Corona,” “Grace and Love Church,” and the “Church in Irvine.”  The camp director, Jerome Wint, declined to make a statement until the investigation is compete.

According to the statement by Bernardino County’s Lana Coa, the visitors became sick last Saturday night, when a large number of the campers at the Yucaipa facility started experiencing the symptoms of food poisoning, including abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. Emergency medical staff were called to the scene, including the California Department of Forestry and the Fire Protection’s San Bernardino County Unit, and they treated at least 20 individuals for what appeared to be food poisoning of unknown etiology.   More than a dozen were taken to a nearby hospital.

As of today (Tuesday), 47 victims have been confirmed.

The Oak Glen Christian Conference Center is in Yucaipa.  According to one report, the Oak Glen food poisoning outbreak forced the camp to close Saturday night pending an investigation into what caused the outbreak in the first place. A report out today indicates that the camp may have been reopened.  Inspectors with Bernardino County Health Department’s Division of Environmental Health Services are working with the department’s communicable disease section to try and find the source of the pathogen that made nearly 50 people sick.  A spokesperson for the county, Jennifer Osorio, confirmed there is an ongoing investigation, telling a local news station the county was reviewing Oak Glen’s food process, food sourcing, food preparation, and how the food was served to campers.

A review of Bernardino County records from the summer of 2016 show that Oak Glen Christian Conference Center received a 98 out of 100, or an A, in the most recent food service inspection.

According to a local media source, the property ownership is uncertain.  Although the Oak Glen Christian Conference Center webpage indicates it is owned by The Free Methodist Church in Southern California, at least one church official, Carol Hart, has alleged the church sold it last year but was unable to identify the new owner.

For more information about the Oak Glen Food Poisoning Outbreak, or to speak to a food poisoning lawyer, call 1-888-335-4901.


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