Thrive Market recalls nut butter sold online


Responding to a supplier’s recall of all its nut butters manufactured since January 2018, Thrive Market, Inc., is recalling all unexpired lots of its nut butter products made by that supplier. The company’s supplier notified it that the nut butter products are potentially contaminated with listeria monocytogenes as one lot had tested positive for listeria.

Thrive Market sells organic and non-GMO products through its membership site. All of the recalled products were distributed nationwide through Thrive Market’s ecommerce subscription service to its members, as well as other online retailers.

Recalled products can be identified by the “Best By” date and Lot code that can be found on the jar above or below the label. All recalled jars are 16-ounces and all have unexpired lot numbers. Consumers should not eat any of the products on the recall list.

Anyone who has purchased any of the following nut butter products from Thrive Market should dispose of them properly to avoid a potential health risk.

  • Thrive Market Organic Creamy Almond Butter – UPC 671635704757
  • Thrive Market Non-GMO Creamy Almond Butter – UPC 671635704733
  • Thrive Market Organic Crunchy Almond Butter – UPC 671635704764
  • Thrive Market Non-GMO Crunchy Almond Butter – UPC 671635704740
  • Thrive Market Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter – UPC 671635704788
  • Thrive Market Organic Creamy Peanut Butter – UPC 671635704771
  • Thrive Market Sesame Tahini – UPC 671635704795
  • Thrive Market Creamy Cashew Butter – UPC 671635704801
  • Thrive Market Organic Coconut Butter – UPC 671635704818
  • Thrive Market Sunflower Butter – UPC 671635704825

The Thrive Market recall is another in a list of organic butter and nut butter recalls in the past several months. Oskri Organics, based in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, recalled its Sunflower Butter and Tahini Butter products, after a customer sent a sample in for testing and it returned a positive result for listeria monocytogenes. Inspired Organics recalled butter products distributed by Lipari Foods out of Warren, Michigan, including Organic Sunflower Butter, Organic Almond Butter, and Organic Peanut Butter. Those products were also potentially contaminated with listeria.


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