Bar-S Recalls 372,000 Pounds of Hot Dogs Over Listeria

food poisoning lawyer
food poisoning lawyer

Before you throw some hot dogs on the grill this weekend, make sure they don’t appear on the list of recalled franks released this week. The recall of over 372,000 pounds of hot dogs and corn dogs by Bar-S came as a result of Listeria concerns. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) also issued a Class I Recall for the same products. The Class I rating means a “reasonable probability” exists that the recalled product “will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.”

Bar-S Recalls 372,884 Pounds of Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs After Recurring Listeria Issues

Earlier this week, Bar-S Foods Company recalled 372,684 pounds of chicken and pork hot dogs and corn dogs. Before the announcement, Bar-S informed FSIS’ Dallas District Office of the intended recall.  During the discussion, the company specified the five potentially contaminated products. That list, according to the company, consisted of five chicken and pork hot dog and corn dog products. After informing FSIS, the company wasted no time, and announced its recall the same day.

The FSIS Class I Recall Notice indicates that Bar-S decided to recall its products due to recurring Listeria problems. At this point, none of the products have tested positive for Listeria. The recall, however, came as a result of repeated Listeria contamination of the Bar-S facilities, not its products.  FSIS said the company “decided to remove the products from commerce as a precautionary measure” due to “recurring Listeria species issues at the firm.”

Bar-S shipped the recalled products to retailers nationwide. Any consumer who has recalled products in their fridge should either dispose of any remaining product or return it to the place of purchase for a refund.

At this time, officials have not linked the recalled products to any reported illness or adverse reaction.

Recalled Products Include Ready-to-Eat Chicken and Pork Hot Dogs and Corn Dogs

Hot dogs and corn dogs make up all 372,684 pounds of recalled products. Bar-S manufactured the recalled ready-to-eat products on July 10th-July 13th, 2016. Products manufactured on other dates appear unaffected by the recall. Products involved in the recall all have “EST. P-81A” inside the USDA mark of inspection.

The recall applies to the following five products:

  1. Bar-S Classic Franks;
  2. Bar-S Classic Bun Length Franks;
  3. Bar-S Classic Corn Dogs (2.67 pound cartons);
  4. Bar-S Classic Corn Dogs (3 pound cartons); and
  5. Signature Pick 5 Corn Dogs.

You can find product details such as UPC Codes in the Bar-S and FSIS press releases.

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