Boston Salmonella Outbreak: Café Med and Back Bay Sandwich Linked to as Many as a Dozen Salmonella Victims

More states and more illnesses have been added to the count of those affected by the romaine lettuce e. coli outbreak that began in early March 2018. One death has been reported in California, directly related to consuming romaine lettuce that was contaminated with e. coli.
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Boston Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Two Popular Restaurants:  Café Med and Back Bay Sandwich May have Sickened as Many as a Dozen People

Café Med and Back Bay Sandwich  restaurants were closed in May after a spat of salmonella cases emerged, all linked to the same building were both restaurants are located.   According to Ana Karina Vivas, who is the Media Relations Manager at the Boston Public Health Commission, there are eight confirmed cases with others reporting illness.   At least six of the confirmed cases ate at Cafe Med, and two ate at Back Bay Sandwich. The source has not yet been determined, and the investigation continues.

Boston Salmonella Outbreak Likely Caused by Improper Food Handling

The health department has conducted several inspections so far, including testing employees.  A series of violations, including “multiple risk factors” led the Boston health investigators to pull Back Bay’s restaurant license on May 17th.  The next day, Café Med was also temporarily closed.

Both are located at 31 Saint James Avenue – between Arlington Street and Berkeley Street in Boston.

“Boston Public Health Commission are working with Cafe Med and Back Bay Sandwich to ensure compliance of all applicable codes. This is an ongoing investigation into the cause of the illness and the health permits for both establishments will be suspended until further notice.”

Health inspectors at both locations found a series of violations related to holding foods at cold and hot temperatures – this is done to prevent the spread of potentially dangerous pathogens such as salmonella.

For more information about the Boston Salmonella Outbreak, call 1-888-335-4901.


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