Indelible Catering Salmonella Outbreak – Leads to Withdrawal of Permit in Alabama

Indelible Catering Salmonella Alabama outbreak

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has now linked about 100 Salmonella illnesses to a single November wedding catered by  Indelible Catering at the Colbert County hotel, a catering company out of Moulton, Louisiana. The ADPH indefinitely suspended Indelible Catering’s food permit (issued to Darvin McDaniel) after finding that nearly 100 people had begun vomiting, suffering diarrhea, and experiencing fever and severe abdominal pain.  The ADPH also said that Mr. McDaniel would no longer be making food in Alabama.  For nearly a quarter of the guests, hospitalization was required.  The wedding was held in Sheffield, Alabama.

According to the ADPH, Salmonella enteriditis was found in samples of cooked chicken and green beans.

Unfortunately, the pulling of Mr. McDaniel’s license following the Indelible Catering Salmonella Outbreak comes only after another outbreak in 2014 that was responsible for one death.  McDaniel and Indelible Catering were implicated in that outbreak after they provided food for a senior citizen luncheon at the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service at Bridge Builders International Church  Both Salmonella and E. coli were identified in 19 of the victim sin that outbreak, with one fatality reported.


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