MDS Foods, Meijer Recall Colby Cheese


Meijer Brand Colby and Jack Cheeses, which are sold at Meijer deli counters in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky, have been recalled due to their potential contamination with Listeria, the potentially deadly bacteria that can cause still births and miscarriages in pregnant women, and serious illnesses such as meningitis in kids, older people and anyone whose immune system is impaired.  Meijer was notified of the possible contamination by its supplier, MDS Foods, who itself initiated a recall of various products in its line.  According to reports, MDS Foods was itself provided with Colby and Colby Jack minihorn cheeses from an Indiana company, Deutsch Kase Haus, LLC, out of Middlebury.

The cheeses subject to the recall were on the market from November the 10th to February the 9th. According to the Food and Drug Administration, no human illnesses have been confirmed or linked to the Meijer Brand Colby and Jack Cheeses included in this recall.

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