Safe and Delicious Fast Food Seems Like a Stretch – but these establishments (and those named below) made the grade: Blaze Fast-Fired and MOD Pizza, Chick-fil-A, Five Guys and Jersey Mike’s Make the Grade

 Safe Food that is also Delicious?  Believe it or not, some of the safest food in the U.S. is fast food from popular chains that also win regular acclaim for being well liked.  In a recent survey, Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza was the most popular fast food joint in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.  It is also one of the fast food restaurants that rank as “Safe Food” restaurants – an acknowledgement that they have been linked to few, if any, food poisoning lawsuits or claims in recent years.

Other popular “Safe Food” establishments that are both a  favorite and eminently popular among patrons, are MOD Pizza, which by one survey turns out to be the number one rated fast food restaurant in Arizona, Washington, Wisconsin, Indiana, Colorado, Oregon, Kansas, New Jersey, and Nevada. Meanwhile, in Wyoming (beef country!), South Carolina, Utah, Missouri, New Mexico, Maine and Illinois, the chicken lovers have put the ever-favorite Chick-fil-A over the top – it also made the favorite list while holding the top spot in popularity.

 Other favorites, which ranked as Safe Food are Five Guys and Jersey Mike’s Subs which showed up as state favorites on multiple occasions and are ranked by as Safe Food.

 Individual mention by a  include Alaska’s Top Bop, Arkansas’ David’s Burgers, California’s Dairy Queen, Connecticut’s Frankie’s Hot Dogs, Delaware’s El Diablo Burritos, Georgia’s gusto!, Hawaii’s Coconuts Fish Cafe, Idaho’s Boise Fry Company, Louisiana’s Chicken Shack, Michigan’s Good Burger, Mississippi’s Burrito Zone & Tamales, Montana’s Five on Black, Nebraska’s Potbelly Sandwich Shop, New York’s by CHLOE, North Dakota’s Firehouse Subs, Ohio’s Swensons Drive-In, South Dakota’s Culver’s, Texas’ Rudy’s “Country Store” & Bar-B-Q, and Vermont’s Archies Grill.

Some of the fast food restaurants on the bottom of the list seem to be involved in near revolving –door claims and lawsuits for food poisoning, so hats off to these  favorites!


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