E. coli Outbreak in Hildale, Utah Hits One Dozen as Source Remains Illusive

The deadly outbreak of E. coli in the Hildale, Utah area continues as authorities announce yet another case, bringing the total to one dozen, including the two children who died.  Officials from Utah State and Arizona State health agencies are working to uncover the source.

This particularly dangerous outbreak has hospitalized a number of children for fear of kidney failure, and taken two youngster’s lives.  The community is working with authorities even though it is a remote location favored by the conservative Mormon inhabitants who espouse polygamy.  This community tends to interact with state and federal authorities as seldom as possible.  Nonetheless, with such high stakes, the CDC dispatched investigators to the area to work with state officials.

The water supply has been tested and is not considered the source.  There are several dump sites under review, with a number of them near sites where children congregate and where many dogs search for food.  Officials are emphasizing proper food safety and sanitation.

For more information about the E. coli Outbreak in Hildale, Utah, or any other E. coli outbreak, call 1-888-335-4901.