preparing for food allergies

Preparing for food allergies – what to do when facing food allergies

Being Prepared for the Worst when susceptible to food allergies  Quoting former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, it is best to “prepare for the worst, but...
E. Coli Outbreak from Raw Pet Food Poisons Four People

Listeria in Pet Food Poses Human Danger: Listeria is a Deadly Pathogen

Recalled pet food poses health risks to animals and humans Raw frozen ground pet food is being recalled because it may be contaminated with listeria...
Potential New Method to Trace Food Poisoning: “Barcoded” Spores

Norovirus Outbreak at Pediatric Center in DC: Norovirus Spreads through Food Poisoning

Norovirus outbreak identified at children’s hospital in DC: Food poisoning? The Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) Pediatric Center in Northeast Washington, DC, has identified three...
Food Poisoning hepatitis a

Hepatitis A Outbreak: Food Poisoning Kills Two In Martin County, Florida

Food Poisoning: 2 deaths in Florida amid hepatitis A outbreak A couple in Palm City, Florida, has died from complications of hepatitis A infections. The...
Food Safety Reminders for Memorial Day Weekend

FDA Has Three Levels of Recalls: Class I Salmonella Recall Example of Most Urgent

Classes of Recalls: From Class I Salmonella Recall, to Allergens, to Packaging Defects The Food and Drug Agency (FDA) oversees the safety of products ranging...
Food Safety Tips: Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

Pregnant Women and Toxoplasma

Pregnant Women and Toxoplasma: Causes, Dangers, and Treatment According to the Center for Disease Control, “toxoplasmosis is considered to be a leading cause of death...
JBS Tolleson Salmonella Outbreak

JBS Tolleson Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 246 in 25 States

Salmonella Outbreak in Beef JBS Tolleson, Inc. recalled 5.1 million pounds of raw beef products linked to a recent Salmonella outbreak. An epidemiological investigation confirmed...
Food Poisoning and Easter Egg Safety salmonella lawsuit

Food Poisoning and Easter Egg Safety: Reducing the Onset of Food Poisoning This Holiday...

Food Poisoning and Easter Egg Safety: Warmer weather brings Easter and the need for egg safety Hard-boiled eggs will fill many kitchens this spring as...
Defect Levels Handbook

The FDA Defect Levels Handbook

FDA determines “Allowable Filth” in the Defect Levels Handbook What is the “Defects Levels Handbook”? FDA determines the maximum about filth in the Defect Levels Handbook....
Safe handling of a baked potato

How to Handle a Baked Potato Safely and Prevent Botulism

Proper Baked Potato Handling Let’s say you have a little extra time to make some baked potatoes for dinner tonight.  You take the time to...

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