Chicken & Rice Guy lawsuit likely as the number of victims rises to 15:  Ten hospitalized as investigation continues.

There are now fifteen confirmed cases with at least ten confirmed hospitalizations.  Each of the victims now needs to determine if Chicken & Rice Guy will step up and admit liability and cover their damages or if the victims will be required to file a Chicken & Rice Guy lawsuit for damages arising from the service of adulterated food by the company.

The company operates at the following locations:

  • 64 Salem St, Medford, MA 02155
  • 85 Bedford St, Boston, MA 02111
  • 81 Harvard Ave., Allston MA 02134
  • 280 Washington St., Boston, MA 02108

According to local reports, Chicken & Rice Guys shuttered three restaurants in Boston in the wake of the E. coli outbreak and pulled all of its trucks.  Boston pulled Chicken & Rice Guys operating license temporarily—the Medford location was not closed because Boston’s jurisdiction did to reach that far, this according to the Boston Globe.

The origin of the e. coli outbreak is believed to be the location at Allston, on Harvard Avenue.

The Chicken and Rice Guys stated, in a public release, “it has been recently brought to our attention that some of our patrons have not been feeling well after visiting some of our food trucks. Currently, we have not figured out the cause and have decided to voluntarily shutdown affected operations. It is always CNRG’s goal to provide the best service and products to our fans and we will not do that until we can.”

TO speak to an e. coli lawyer of to talk about a Chicken & Rice Guy Lawsuit, call 1-888-3335-4901.