Costco Wholesale Warehouse Deli in Issaquah, Washington, Linked to Salmonella Outbreak: King County Public Health Investigating Year Long Outbreak

Kapowsin Meats Salmonella Pork Lawyer
Kapowsin Meats Salmonella Pork Lawyer

Costco deli illnesses reported

Several cases of salmonella have been reported by customers of the Costco Wholesale Warehouse deli in Issaquah, Washington. King County Public Health is investigating the illnesses of seven people who tested positive for salmonella bacteria after eating food they purchased at the Costco service deli.

All seven people who got sick shopped at the Costco Wholesale Warehouse in Issaquah; five bought ready-to-eat food from the service deli, one was an employee at the Costco service deli, and one for whom the specific food purchase could not be verified. The service deli prepares and sells ready-to-eat foods, including rotisserie chicken, pork ribs, sandwiches, wraps, macaroni and cheese, poke, cilantro lime shrimp, and shrimp cocktail.

Environmental Health investigators visited the deli several times in August 2018 and again in September 2018. On August 7, investigators identified potential risk factors for cross contamination and spread of bacteria, including inconsistent handwashing practices and improper cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces that touch foods. Food safety procedures were apparently not being followed. Costco management was advised of corrective actions needed, including food handling procedure changes and retraining employees.

Several additional visits found that food safety procedures were still not being followed and staff had not been retrained. On September 21, investigators were finally satisfied that procedures such as hand washing and surface cleaning were being followed. The deli was allowed to resume operations at that time.

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