Cyclospora Investigation Intensifies in Florida: New Restaurants Implicated in St. Petersburg and Tampa

    Cyclospora Lawyer on Nordstrom's

    Cyclospora Investigation Intensifies in Florida:  New Restaurants Implicated in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida.

    According to local reports in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas, in Florida, in addition to the Nordstrom’s Bazille Restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida, another Nordstrom’s restaurant is under investigation for Cyclospora illnesses.  A number of individuals who ate at the Nordstrom’s International Plaza, located at 2223 N. West Shore Blvd, in Tampa have come forward indicating they were sickened with Cyclospora after eating there.  Nordstrom’s International Plaza is the second restaurant in Tampa, which according to local reports, has also become the center of an investigation in the current Cyclospora outbreak.

    Cyclospora Lawsuits Filed Against Cooper’s Hawk and Nordstrom’s Bazille By Cyclospora Attorneys as CDC Announces the End of the Multistate Cyclospora Outbreak.
    Holly Green -Pellegrini and Abby Smith: Two Victims of the Mexican Bail Cyclospora Outbreak. One ate at Cooper’s Hawk and the other Bazille at Nordstrom

    As the Cyclospora investigation intensifies in Florida, the Nordstrom’s International Plaza investigation follows the filing of a number of lawsuits against Nordstrom’s and Cooper’s Hawk restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida, by the food poisoning lawyers of Ron Simon & Associates.

    Now, new reports are coming in from St. Petersburg as the Cyclospora investigation intensifies in Florida, with newly identified victims of Cyclospora allegedly having eaten at Gianni’s NY Pizza, located at 936 58th St N, Tyrone Gardens, St. Petersburg, FL 33710.

    Food Poisoning lawyer Tony Coveny, Ph.D., J.D>, M.A
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    The food poisoning lawyers of Ron Simon & Associates, working with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, as well as the local and state health departments to identify the parameters of the Cyclospora outbreak, and to what extent the Mexican Basil from Siga Logistics de RL de CV,distributed by Harvest Sensations, L.L.C, and The Garden Wholesale, Inc. d/b/a The Garden Produce (at least in Jacksonville), is the cause.

    According to the CDC and FDA, other states have been implicated in the Siga Logistics Mexican Basil Cyclospora outbreak, with known exposures at the  Outback Steakhouse in Hermantown, Minnesota, and City Market in Rochester, New York.  Other sources may yet also be identified.

    The Food poisoning attorneys at  Ron Simon & Associates, just in the last year, represented hundreds of Cyclospora victims in the 2018 Del Monte Cyclospora Outbreak that sickened over 250 people and forced Del Monte to recall contaminated vegetable trays served in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, and the 2018 McDonald’s Cyclospora Outbreak that sickened over 500 people and forced McDonald’s to recall contaminated salads sold at more than 3000 locations.




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