Garden Salad Cyclospora Outbreak Affects Midwestern States

    Fresh Express Cyclospora lawsuit

    Garden Salad Cyclospora Outbreak Affects Midwestern States

    The FDA, the CDC, state and local health officials have announced the investigation of a multi-state Cyclospora outbreak affecting various Midwestern states. Epidemiological traceback methods indicate that the spread of the Cyclospora outbreak is linked with ALDI, Hy-Vee, and Jewel-Osco grocery store brand “garden salad”’, containing ice-berg lettuce, red cabbage, and carrots.

     ALDI has notified the FDA that all “ALDI Little Salad Bar Brand Garden Salad” products have been removed from their store shelves. Hy-Vee Inc. and Jewel-Osco have both announced a recall on the 12-ounce bagged “Garden Salad” products sold at their stores. At Hy-Vee grocery stores the product was labeled as “Bagged Garden Salad”. At Jewel-Osco grocery stores, the product was labeled as “Signature Farms Garden Salad” with a “Best If Used By” of 5/1620-7/4/20, and a UPC Code of 21130 98135. The recalled bagged salads were manufactured through Fresh Express. The products of concern have been distributed to various store locations throughout the Midwestern states including, IA, IL, MO, KS, NE, SD, MN, IN and WI.

    There have been a total of 76 cases of illness reported after the consumption of the product and 16 hospitalizations due to the severe onset of symptoms, such as watery diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, weight-loss, and bloating.

    The Symptoms of cyclosporiasis- Cyclospora infection– typically present themselves within 7 days of consuming the parasite via contaminated food or drink. In some cases, in which medical treatment has not been given, symptoms have been known to persist for up to several weeks to a month. Those with weakened immune systems or other health concerns are more at risk to experience severe symptoms and prolonged illness. If you have come into contact with the recalled product and experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you are advised to contact your healthcare provider.

    Anyone in possession of the concerned product is advised to either discard it immediately or return it to its original place of purchase.


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