Lactalis baby formula salmonella outbreak sickens 26 internationally, leading to an international recall.

The French maker of a number of well – received baby products, including Lactalis’ brands Milumel, Celia and Picot, is recalling the formula internationally after at least 26 of the infants have become very ill.  The recall includes China, where in 2008 six Chinese babies were killed by melamine-tainted baby milk while an additional hundred thousand or more babies were made ill.  The recall includes many other nations, such as Greece, Pakistan and Peru.

The formula was immediately withdrawn for the market when is was found to contain salmonella bacteria,  According to French authorities, the affected products were placed on a line-list and can no longer be marketed or exported. French authorities, and Lacralis, is urging parents to discard or return any of the product made by Lactalis since mid-February. According to reports by the French national news agency, Agence France-Presse, a Lactilis spokesman stated:

 “nearly 7,000 tonnes” (7,700 tons) of production may have been contaminated . . . sincerely sorry for the anxiety caused by the situation and expresses its compassion and support for the families whose children have fallen ill”

French authorities believe the Lactalis Baby Formula Salmonella Outbreak began when formula was contaminated with salmonella bacteria at the Lactalis’ factory in the northwestern of France.  The salmonella contamination the plant potentially affects all product, so a general recall was issued.

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