Law Firm Prepares Chipotle Norovirus Lawsuit after Receiving Numerous Calls from Victims of the Sterling, Virginia Chipotle Outbreak.

Chipotle Norovirus lawsuit
Chipotle Norovirus Lawsuit Being Prepared as Number of Calls Continues to Climb

Law Firm Signs Up Multiple Claimants in Latest Chipotle Norovirus Outbreak in Sterling, Virginia.

The number of victims of the Sterling, Virginia, Chipotle outbreak continues to grow, with local reports that there are at least 133 victims. This stands in stark contrast the the “small number” of illnesses Chipotle predicted earlier this week. While these numbers are difficult to confirm, many of the victims have called the norovirus attorneys, at 1-888-335-4901, who have handled a number of the recent Chipotle outbreaks.  This includes a large norovirus outbreak in Simi Valley California in 2015 and another in Boston, also in 2015.  The number of calls confirms that the outbreak affected more than the “handful” of patrons some early news stories reported.

The attorneys at Ron Simon & Associates are currently interviewing a number of the victims and have been retained to prosecute their claims. They are preparing a Chipotle Norovirus Lawsuit on behalf of numerous victims.

Chipotle needs to start from the ground and re-think things. It is shocking that they continue to be at the center of widely publicized outbreaks even after having faced at least five well-publicized outbreaks in the last two years.

For more information about the Chipotle Norovirus outbreak, or to file a Chipotle Norovirus lawsuit, call the norovirus attorneys at Ron Simon & Associates at 1-888-335-4901.


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