New Bedford’s Churrascaria Aveirense Restaurant Shuttered in Wake of Salmonella Outbreak


The New Bedford Board of Health (NBBH), in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), has identified a number of salmonella cases in patrons of Churrascaria Aveirense Restaurant, located at 175 Sawyer Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts. NBBH notified the owners of Churrascaria Aveirense who have agreed to shutter the establishment at this stage in the salmonella investigation. According to an agency spokesperson, NBBH will allow Churrascaria Aveirense to open once all employees are cleared of salmonella bacterial infection and the restaurant meets or exceeds food safety standards.
“Localized outbreaks of salmonella are often due to cross contamination,” says Salmonella lawyer Ron Simon who has represented thousands of salmonella victims. “Many times, the salmonella is introduced into the establishment by a sick employee, or when raw and cook foods are not carefully separated,” Simon explains, noting that “however, when the salmonella is introduced into a restaurant, the proper observance of good food handling practices is what keeps that bacteria from spreading.” In this outbreak, health agency experts will be trying to identify to source of the outbreak and work to make sure that Churrascaria Aveirense does not pose a threat to public safety before it is allowed to reopen.
If you or a loved one became ill after eating at Churrascaria Aveirense, contact your medical professional and feel free to contact one of the salmonella lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates.


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