People Ingesting Parasites File Cyclospora Lawsuits in Iowa and Illinois: Cyclospora Lawyer Ron Simon Comments

    cyclospora lawsuit lawyer
    cyclospora lawsuit lawyer files 7th lawsuit in Illinois

    People ingesting Parasites File Cyclospora Lawsuits In Iowa and Illinois:  Cyclospora Lawyer Ron Simon Comments

    The Cyclospora Lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates have now filed the seventh Cyclospora Lawsuit in the large outbreak linked to Fresh Express produced salad mix – a company with its primary place of business in Florida.  The parasite infected product (most likely Cyclospora infected lettuce)  is believed to have originated in Mexico, though the investigation is ongoing.  According to Ron Simon & Associates, the national Cyclospora attorneys, they have led the way in each of the major Cyclospora outbreaks in recent years, and have settled thousands of food poisoning claims, including against the primary defendant in this case, Fresh Express. 

    The Cyclospora outbreak has now reached a tipping point with 545 identified victims in Canada and the Midwest.  Ron Simon, the lead Cyclospora lawyer, stated:

    “We have settled so many cyclospora claims the past that we have an intimate knowledge of the facts, science, and evidence needed to prevail. We have assisted Canadian citizens with their food poisoning cases as well.  While we do not file lawsuits on behalf of all claimants, we do file a few at the beginning to put the defendant, this time Fresh Express and the retailers, on notice and to also remind the public that food poisoning should not happen, and is preventable.   Today we filed a seventh cyclospora lawsuit, this time for a hospitalized Illinois man who ate a salad from Jewel-Osco.”

    The CDC has now identified parasite victims in eight Midwestern states, including one hundred and fifty one in Illinois, one hundred and sixty in Iowa, five in Kansas, sixty-three in Minnesota, forty-six in Missouri, forty-eight in Nebraska, a half dozen in North Dakota, and thirty in Wisconsin.  In Canada, whose citizens can use the U.S. courts to file a cyclospora lawsuit against Fresh Express, there are at least twenty six victims in Ontario, ten in Quebec, and one in Newfoundland and Labrador.

    It remains to be seen how many other victims in the parasite bagged salad outbreak, linked to producer Fresh Express, will be identified.  Cyclospora lawyer Ron Simon believes we have only tapped the tip of the iceberg, especially since so many people are afraid to seek medical attention during a massive pandemic – the COVID 10 pandemic.  Cyclospora attorney Simon reminds people: “You  need to request a Cyclospora stool test, as that is the only test that will reveal if you have Cyclospora.  While it is a simple test, most physicians do not order it because this parasite is not endemic to the U.S.  “We also need to force importers and producers (like Fresh Express) who rely on Mexican vegetables to test for this parasite, says Cyclospora lawyer Ron Simon.


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