Rojo Mexican Bistro Salmonella Outbreak? More than Two Dozen Reported Illnesses

Rojo Mexican Bistro Salmonella Outbreak
Rojo Mexican Bistro Salmonella Outbreak

Rojo Mexican Bistro Salmonella Outbreak?   26 Victims in 3 States

The Detroit Free Press: Rojo Mexican Bistro Salmonella Outbreak in Michigan.  Local reports now mane to e restaurant at the center of an outbreak in which at least 26 people have been identified as victims of Salmonella Saintpaul. According to local reports, there are victims in nearby states as well, including Ohio and Illinois.

According to the Oakland County Health Division in Pontiac, MI, the investigation is ongoing. The Chief of Medical Services at the Health Division, Pamela Hackert,  is encouraging residents to wash their hands thoroughly before every meal and after using the restroom in hopes of preventing the further spread of the potentially deadly bacteria.  So far, the Hackert and Oakland County health departments have confirmed 15 victims of Salmonella Saintpaul, and local reports indicate at least another 11 have been identified in the region.  Pamela Hackert talso declined to name the Rojo Mexican Bistro in Rochester as the source of the  Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak, as is often done in these cases to encourage institutions to cooperate in the investigation.  She would only confirm the investigation had included that Rojo Mexican Bistro, but that so far investigators had found no Salmonella Saintpaul in the 51 food samples and 60 environment swabs taken at that location.

The implicated Rojo Mexican Bistro is on Main Street in Rochester.  Following reports of the Rojo Mexican Bistro Salmonella Outbreak, the restaurant voluntarily closed its doors to allow the investigation and sanitation to proceed uninhibited. At present, at least two different Rojo locations remain unaffected.

The food poisoning lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates encourage anyone who has eaten at the Rojo Mexican Bistro on Main Street in Rochester, and thereafter developed symptoms of Salmonella, should immediately seek medical attention and provide a stool sample for a culture.

For more information about the Rojo Mexican Bistro Salmonella Outbreak in Michigan, call 1-888-335-4901.


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