Salmonella Kiambu and Salmonella Thompson Found in Caribeña Brand Mexicani Maradol Papayas

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Board of Health Performed Routine Inspections Found no Issues Related to the Cooking of Food Products


Caribeña Brand Mexicani Maradol Papayas Cause One Death and Dozens of Illnesses – Including More than a Dozen Hospitalizations

Caribeña brand Mexican imported Maradol papayas have been identified as the source of a salmonella outbreak that has sickened about four dozen people in 12 different states, killing on New York resident.  The CDC is warning consumers to avoid eating any Maradol papayas – especially if aware they are form Mexico or if their origin is uncertain. According to the FDA, other brands may also be linked to this outbreak. The CDC has identified about four dozen victims in 12 states as being positive for Salmonella Kiambu, sharing the same pulsed-field gel electrophoresis pattern (known as the PFGE pattern). These Salmonella Kiambu victims come from Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. Interestingly, among the five Maryland cases, some of the victims also have acquired Salmonella Thompson –samples of Maradol  papayas were collected from a retail outlet in Baltimore and tested by the Maryland Department of Health.  The results showed them to be positive for the outbreak strains of both Salmonella Kiambu and Salmonella Thompson.  The Salmonella Thompson strain has not yet been found outside of Maryland.

The Caribeña brand Mexican imported Maradol papayas were imported/distributed by Grande Produce in San Juan, Texas, but may also have been distributed by other or secondary actors.

The FDA and CDC recommend careful disposal of any potentially tainted fruits, noting the possibility of cross contamination from the fruit to other foods, hands, instruments, or surfaces.   Careful hand-washing and proper food preparation (including such things as dedicated cutting boards and reserved knives) are important to preventing cross contamination in any kitchen, but especially where a product is known to carry a pathogen such as salmonella.  Surfaces and storage areas should be carefully sanitized post-removal.

For more information about the Caribeña brand Mexican imported Maradol papaya salmonella outbreak, or any other salmonella outbreak, call 1-888-335-4901.




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