Salmonella Kiambu and Salmonella Thompson Identified in Maradol Papayas – One Death and 47 Identified Victims

A dozen states hit by deadly salmonella outbreak linked to Maradol papayas – at least 47 victims identified with one death (a New York resident) among at least a dozen hospitalizations. The other states identifying victims include Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Maryland.

Authorities recommend staying away from these papayas until the outbreak is declared over. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Investigators are working to learn where the contamination occurred in the supply chain.

The CDC spokesperson added:

If you aren’t sure if the papaya you bought is a yellow Maradol papaya, ask the place where you bought it. When in doubt, throw it out.

The first illness was recorded with an onset of May 17, and the latest (given the lag-time of identification and reporting) was June 28th.  The incubation period for salmonella – the time from consumption to symptom onset, is traditionally between 12 and 72 hours, but may be as long as two hours or more than a week in some instances. The severe abdominal cramping, diarrhea with attendant nausea, dehydration, body and head aches, can last for a week or more.

In some cases ongoing post-infectious IBS, arthritis, and in rare instances even the onset of Crohn’s disease or genetic damage, have been identified by gastroenterologists or by medical research.  Ongoing monitoring is recommended for those who develop and suffer Salmonellosis.

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