Tuna Hepatitis A Recall Follows Positive HAV Test: Consumers Across Hawaii Warned

Hepatitis A Hawaii Outbreak
Tainted Tuna Recalled for Hepatitis A - Consumers Warned to get Vaccinated

Tuna Hepatitis A Recall:  Infected Tuna Found,  and Recall Issued, in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Department of Health (DOH) has announced finding Hepatitis A (HAV) in frozen raw tuna, otherwise known as ahi cube tuna, that was distributed by Tropic Fish Hawaii, LLC on Oahu. The imported tuna was a product of Indonesia used primarily to prepare poke at restaurants on Oahu. Times Supermarket, the Maile Sunset Bar & Grill in Kapolei,  Aloha Sushi at 3131 N. Nimitz, the ABC store at 205 Lewers St., and Shima’s locations in Aiea, Kailua, Kaneohe, Kunia, Liliha, Mililani, Waipahu, and Waiman all procured some of the ah cube tuna, according to the DOH.

The DOH Chief of Food Safety, Peter Oshiro, said in a statement that: “All of the product is being traced, collected and held by the distributor. Fortunately, in this case, Tropic Fish Hawaii kept excellent records and has been contacting all retailers and pulling the product quickly.”  The quick recall does not, however, does not mean that none of the customers will contract Hepatitis A.  According to Dr. Sarah Park, a DOH epidemiologist, symptoms can develop two to six weeks post exposure.  She warned that a HAV vaccination or immune globulin might provide protection against the onset of HAV if taken quickly by those “who may have been exposed in the last week.”

According to the DOH, the investigation is ongoing in the tuna Hepatitis A recall, and the distributor is cooperating with  inspections of its affected facilities.   As part of the inspections, food safety experts will be looking to see that proper sanitation and corrective actions are made immediately.

At present, as part of the tuna Hepatitis A recall, the DOH had placed an embargo on this product.

The hepatitis lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates have represented many individuals who have contracted Hepatitis A, including in recent high-profile outbreaks linked to imported pomegranates and strawberries.  Ironically, attorneys in these cases are in California this week preparing for upcoming trials on behalf of a number of the victims of a 2013 outbreak of Hepatitis A.  For more information about the tuna Hepatitis A recall, call 1-888-335-4901.



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