173 Mexican Papaya Salmonella Victims in 21 States: Click the “Contact Us” Icon to File a Mexican Papaya Salmonella Lawsuit

Papaya Salmonella Lawsuit
Papaya Salmonella Outbreak Spreads to 23 States - at least 65 confirmed hospitalizations - an Import Alert Issued

173 Papaya Salmonella Victims in 21 States: New York Man Dies as Papaya Salmonella Outbreak Spreads – Click here to file a Mexican Papaya Salmonella Lawsuit.

There are not a least 173 confirmed cases of Salmonella liked to Mexican papayas – with victims in Connecticut (6), Delaware (4), Iowa (2), Illinois (3), Kentucky (4), Louisiana (1), Maryland (8), Massachusetts (8), Michigan (1), Minnesota (4), Missouri (1), North Carolina (5), New Jersey (36), New York (50), Ohio (1), Oklahoma (4), Pennsylvania (8), Tennessee (1), Texas (9), Virginia (16), and Wisconsin (1). Nearly one-in-three has been hospitalized, and one man in New York City has succumbed to the salmonella illness and passed away.

Due to the shelf life to the Mexican papayas at tissue, illnesses have been reported since mid-May and have continued to the last part of July – more cases may yet arise as reporting passes through the different steps.  It is likely the number of victims in the Mexican papaya salmonella outbreak will surpass 200, with the actual number much, much higher.  Some estimates pu the number of victims as high as 6500. Each of these is eligible to file a Mexican Papaya Salmonella Lawsuit.

At least four strains have been linked to the Mexican papaya salmonella outbreak, with victims suffering from onset of Salmonella Agona, Salmonella Gaminara, Kiambu, and Salmonella Thompson &the most prevalent as of now, with 111 confirmed cases).

To speak to a salmonella lawyer, or to file a Mexican Papaya Salmonella Lawsuit.


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