AZ, TX, NM – Listeria Food Poisoning

Listeria Food Poisoning
Listeria Food Poisoning Linked to Recalled Caramel Apples

New Mexico is now recording 6 cases of Listeria Food Poisoning. Neighboring Arizona has now recorded 5 cases of Listeria Food Poisoning. Texas is reporting 4 cases of Listeria Food Poisoning. These three contiguous states represent 15 of the 37 cases of Listeriosis acquired from consumption of Bidart Bros. apples, used by (at least the manufacturers we know of) Happy Apple, Merb’s Candies, and Carnival – this according to eh Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This South West region represents a high concentration of the Listeria Food Poisoning outbreak affecting 12 state and Canada. The only two other states with as many cases are Missouri (with 5 cases of Listeria Food Poisoning) and Minnesota (with 4 cases of Listeria Food Poisoning). Wisconsin and California are just behind with 3 cases of Listeria Food Poisoning each. There is a single case of cases of Listeria Food Poisoning in Washington State, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and North Carolina.

At least 34 of the 35 U.S. cases were hospitalized, while it remains unclear if the 35th U.S. case and the two cases in Canada required hospitalization.

The CDC has also acknowledged that 7 victims of cases of Listeria Food Poisoning have died, though it remains unclear how many had underlying medical conditions at the time of contracting Listeria Food Poisoning. Listeria Lawyer Ron Simon points out that “the problem with Listeria Food Poisoning is that the most vulnerable in our community are the ones who are most likely to become seriously ill. Cases of Listeria Food Poisoning usually require hospitalization, with traditionally about 85% of its victims being hospitalized, and these are often the very young, the elderly, and those with already compromised immune systems due to underlying conditions. “Listeria Lawyer Simon also notes, however, that there is an exception to this in cases of Listeria Food Poisoning: “Pregnant women are especially at risk because unlike many foodborne illnesses, cases of Listeria Food Poisoning are uniquely dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn children.” This is why the CDC warns pregnant women against eating cold cut meats, smoked fish and meat, and some soft cheeses – these foods are at a heightened level of risk for contamination and for causing Listeria Food Poisoning.

Listeria Lawyer Ron Simon is currently representing victims in this Listeria Food Poisoning outbreak, and invites victims to contact his office to discuss this and other outbreaks due to foodborne illness.


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