Chipotle E. coli Spreads to California, New York, Ohio, and Minnesota

Chipotle Norovirus lawsuit
Chipotle Norovirus Lawsuit Being Prepared as Number of Calls Continues to Climb

Health officials now suspect a product delivered to Chipotle restaurants as the source of the E. coli outbreak that first hit Washington and Oregon, where Chipotle closed 43 restaurants for a period of time to thoroughly clean and disinfect those establishments. Now, cases have been identified in New York, Minnesota, Ohio and California, leading investigators to too cast a wider net in their investigation into the source, which they speculate is a common product, such as a vegetable, provided to Chipotle restaurants. The outbreak, which many thought would be contained in the North West, now takes on national significance as what was once believed to have been sufficient proactive action on the part of Chipotle gives way to fears that the outbreak will continue to spread. The company stock has taken a serious hit as this outbreak, the worst of three to hit the chain in the last four months, raises serious questions about the ability of the fast-growing chain to manage food borne illness outbreaks.

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