Colorado’s Beet Box Bakery & Café: Second Outbreak of Rare Salmonella Vichow to be Linked to Vegan Food. Inspectors Suspect Possible Link to Unpasteurized Lemon and Lime Juice

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Colorado’s Beet Box Bakery & Café is at the Center of the  Second Outbreak of a Rare Strain of Salmonella Vichow  Previously Linked to Vegan Food

An outbreak of Salmonella Virchow, linked to Beet Box Bakery & Café in mid-to-late 2016, is the second outbreak in the last two years of Salmonella Virchow.  A vegan food source is once again suspected, and some investigators are looking seriously at unpasteurized lemon and lime juice.  Investigators identified the common element in the outbreak as Beet Box Bakery & Café after a number of the victims noted eating at the vegan restaurant, and the medical records of others also indicated a strict vegan diet.

Ironically, according to an email from Nereida Corral, MPH, from the Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology Division, Communicable Disease Branch, there was one previous outbreak of this same rare strain of Salmonella Virchow, and it was also linked to vegan food.  According to the FDA, the previous Salmonella Virchow outbreak was linked to Garden of Life brand organic shake and meal products.

Inspectors Suspect Possible Link to  Unpasteurized Lemon and Lime Juice

Some investigators suspect  lemon and lime juice procured from Pericon Juices and/or Natural Brands juices, which are advertised as fresh squeezed.  There remains some question as to whether the juices used by the Beet Box Bakery & Café were pasteurized or not.  Investigators found the lemon and lime juice to be one of the unique items used by the various persons who ate there.  No final determination has been made.

On October 14th,  Health inspectors for the City of Denver, working with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, including Epidemiologist Nereida Corral, conducted a joint inspection, citing the Beet Box  Bakery & Café for: (1) not washing their hands as necessary during food production; (2) using a hand-washing sink for unapproved purposes; (3) using a soiled , non-sanitized multi-use towel to wipe down food preparation surfaces; and (4) a failure to maintain food at proper temperature.

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