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Daycare E. Coli Lawyer
Daycare E. Coli Lawyer

Yet another daycare center has become the conduit of dangerous E. Coli bacteria. This time, health officials in Indiana are trying to determine the extent of the outbreak, having identified some of the children infected. While unconfirmed, there are reports of one fatality.

This outbreak comes on the heels of two other current daycare center outbreaks of foodborne illness being pursued by the food poisoning law firm of Ron Simon & Associates. One, also linked to E. Coli, is centered in New England, while the second is in Montgomery, AL, where nearly 100 kids were poisoned with Staphylococcus.

“These cases point to the very important roll of daycares in our nation,” says Ron Simon, lead counsel in both of these daycare outbreaks. “They have an important roll in safeguarding our children, and when they fail to follow important guidelines, they put our children at risk.” We intend to use our posotions as E. coli daycare lawyers, to find out what went wrong and to make sure it does not happen again.


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