First and Second Lawsuits Filed in Chipotle Norovirus Outbreak Come as Chipotle Admits Outbreak Caused by Sick Employee

Another Chipotle Location Closes
Another Chipotle Location Closes amidst fears of Norovirus - Sterling, VI

Ron Simon Files the First Two Lawsuits in the Chipotle Norovirus Outbreak as Chipotle Identifies Sick Worker as Source of Illness Outbreak

Chipotle Mexican Grill is reeling in the aftermath of yet another Norovirus outbreak – reminiscent of the series of high profile outbreaks of 2015.  As in the Simi-Valley Outbreak, once again Chipotle has identified a sick employee as the source, this according to reports in the New York Times.  The sick employee has not been named, but the report fits the facts.  As many as 150 patrons of Chipotle Mexican Grill in Virginia, at the Tripleseven location, became ill between July 14th and 15th following exposure to food prepared in the kitchen.  Chief Executive Steve Ells stated only:

We believe someone was working while sick

According to the New York Times, some employees told CNBC they were compelled to work while ill. Now, Chipotle is not only losing clients, but has dropped another 13 percent in stock value since the outbreak became public. Two years ago the stock was trending at about $750, but today it hovers around $350. Chipotle Mexican Grill also dropped from number one spot to the number nine spot in the Brand Keys’ annual loyalty index.

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