Lactalis Salmonella Contamination : Lactalis baby milk products probably contaminated with salmonella for 13 years

The salmonella found in baby milk products may have been lingering in the Lactalis production facility ever since another outbreak was discovered there in 2005. Authorities investigating the contamination and the alleged criminal activity associated with the botched recall, have now discovered that the problem was probably not resolved during the previous incident.

Babies could have potentially consumed milk products contaminated with salmonella for the past 13 years. To date, the company has confirmed that 35 babies have become ill in France and in other countries as a direct result of consuming milk products made at their production facility in Craon. Lactalis has said it will compensate the families of those babies for their illness.

A police investigation was recently launched into the Lactalis Salmonella Contamination, given that the recalled products were not immediately removed from shelves. Many of the baby milk products continued to be sold and consumed, weeks after the recall was initiated.

Lactalis has explained that, even though the salmonella contamination was probably lingering in their facility for the past 13 years, recent renovations may have allowed the salmonella to contaminate the products being made in Tower 1 of their Craon site. That tower has been shut down, but production continues in the second tower.

However, 16,000 tests performed on finished products in 2017 failed to detect contamination in products made at the facility. Lactalis is attempting to determine why this failure to follow basic food safety guidelines occurred. The company has also indicated it will initiate stronger quality controls for its baby milk products going forward, as it does plan to continue in the infant milk market. In fact, Lactalis has announced plans to build a new production facility.

Salmonella can contaminate food or beverages when food safety protocol is not followed properly. Symptoms of salmonella food poisoning can include vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.

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