Salmon Recalled by Wyoming Company Due to Potential Listeria Contamination

Salmon Listeria Recall Wyoming
Warehouse Market of Sheridan, Wyoming announced a recall of its 1 lb. bags of smoked salmon after routine inspection by state officials revealed the product was contaminated with Listeria.

Wyoming Company Recalls Smoked Salmon Following Positive Listeria Test Results

Warehouse Market initiated a recall of its 1 lb. pound packages of Smoked Salmon this Thursday morning.  All salmon subject to the recall by the Sheridan, Wyoming company has a sell-by-date of April 6, 2016.

The recalled salmon is packaged in clear plastic labeled packages marked “Best Before: 04-06-2016”.

The recall comes after routine testing by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture detected the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in the product. with a sell-by-date of 04-06-16 because the fish has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria.

Warehouse Market Smoked Salmon Tests Positive for Listeria

Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) Public Information Officer Derek Grant spoke publicly about the inspection of Warehouse Market and subsequent recall on Tuesday.

Derek Grant (Wyoming Department of Agriculture) discusses positive test results, recall: 

Grant stated that the Department of Agriculture became aware of the potential Listeria contamination as the result of a “recent” inspection of Warehouse Market, though he did not specify exactly how long much time had passed since the inspection occurred.

During the inspection, the officials “took samples of [Warehouse Market’s] smoked salmon and found that it was contaminated with Listeria,” Grant said. He explained that sampling is “part of the process that we do when we inspect establishments,” and that the department “usually inspect[s] establishments about once a year.”

Company Working Closely With Department of Agriculture to Resolve Problems, Prevent Future Contamination

Since the contamination was discovered, WDA officials have been working closely with the producer.

After the positive tests, WDA “instituted the recall in cooperation with Warehouse Market.” The company has been “completely on board with the recall and making sure we are keeping everybody safe,” Grant said.

He continued, saying that Warehouse Market is “just trying to make sure that everybody who has the product either returns it and gets their money back or make sure they don’t consume the product.”

Derek Grant (Wyoming Department of Agriculture) on inspection and total company cooperation:

The officer again emphasized the company’s complete cooperation. The WDA official stated that “I just want to make sure people know and understand that Warehouse Market is working very closely with us.”

“The company is making sure that they’re solving the problem and fixing the things that need to be fixed and [will] be good to go moving forward.”

Listeria Signs and Symptoms Conveyed to Public by State Public Health Officials

Public health officials went on to list the signs and symptoms of listeriosis, the disease caused by infection with Listeria monocytogenes.

Young children, frail or elderly people, or “pretty much anybody with weakened immune systems” are particularly susceptible to the disease. When members of these high-risk groups contract the infection, the resulting illness is very serious and sometimes fatal.

Healthy people who acquire the disease, however, may only suffer short-term symptoms. According to WDA, these symptoms often include nausea, abdominal pain, high fever, severe headaches and stiffness.

There have not been any illnesses associated with the Warehouse Market recall at this time.

“We’re basically doing this [recall] out of an abundance of caution to make sure the food is safe and people are getting what they need,” Grant concluded.

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