Metro Ontario Recalls Several products Due to Salmonella Contamination

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    salmonella lawsuit lawyer

                Metro Ontario Inc. is recalling a range of Metro brand products due to the possibility of Salmonella contamination. Since Metro Ontario Inc. issued the recall, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is conducting an investigation, which may lead to the recall of additional products. Recalled products were distributed to Ontario, Canada up to and including those sold until November 27th, 2020.

    The following products have been recalled:

    •  Metro Fresh 2 Go Black Forest Ham Pinwheel. UPC starts with 0238325.
    •  Metro Beef Inside Round Alouette Stfd W/Spinach/Swiss Cheese. UPC starts
      with 0223355.
    • Metro Pork Loin Center Pinwheel Spinach Pepper Cheese. UPC starts with
    • Metro Pork Loin Centre Chops Boneless W/Spinach/Cheese. UPC starts with
    •  Metro Salmon Torenado. UPC starts with 0223622.
    • Metro Salmon Torenado. UPC starts with 0223621.
    •             Metro Rainbow Trout Stuffed With Vegetable & Cheese. UPC starts with
    •             Metro Rainbow Trout Stuffed With Vegetable & Cheese. UPC starts with
    • Metro Haddock Vegetable Tournedos. UPC starts with 0219153.
    • Metro Haddock Vegetable Tournedos. UPC starts with 0219151.
    • Metro Cod Vegetable Roast. UPC starts with 0219165.
    •  Metro Cod Vegetable/ Cheese Tournedos. UPC starts with 0219160.
    • Metro Tilapia Roast Stuffed Vegetable /Cheese. UPC starts with 0219154.
    • Metro Tilapia Roast Stuffed With Vegetable & Cheese. UPC starts with 0219155.
    • Metro Spinach-Fruit Salad W/Nuts, 180g. UPC starts with 0226644.
    • Metro Spinach and Fruit Salad Supersize with Nuts, 400g. UPC starts with
    • Metro Tropical Green Juice, 350mL. UPC starts with 0222482.
    • Metro Tropical Green Juice, 500mL. UPC starts with 0235094.
    • Metro Hawaiian Green Juice, 350mL. UPC starts with 0222473.
    • Metro Hawaiian Green Juice, 500mL. UPC starts with 0235092.
    • Metro F2GO Kale-Quinoa Wrap with Hummus. UPC starts with 0222762.

    There are have been no reported cases of illness at this time associated with the recalled Metro brand products. Customers are encouraged to return any contaminated items to their local store of purchase. Consumers with questions or concerns regarding the recall can contact CFIA Inc. toll-free at 1-800-442-2342.

          National Salmonella lawyer Ron Simon believes illnesses may be reported in the coming days, “Due to the amount of products recalled, it’s highly likely several consumers have or will suffer from Salmonella poisoning as a result of consuming the contaminated products. As more people become aware of the recall, we expect illnesses to be reported.”
          Salmonella is a bacteria group responsible for the gastrointestinal illness called salmonellosis. As reported by the FDA, symptoms of salmonella contamination typically develop within 12 to 72 hours after initial infection and can last roughly four to seven days. Common symptoms of salmonellosis include fever, diarrhea (a subsequent cause of dehydration), abdominal cramps, headaches, lethargy, and blood in the urine or stool. Children, adults 65 and older, and immunocompromised individuals are at heightened risk of salmonella contamination. Consumers are encouraged to check for recalled products in their homes and to contact their doctor should they begin to show symptoms.


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