NOW branded Macadamia Nuts Recalled for Potential Salmonella Contamination

    NOW branded Macadamia Nuts Recalled for Potential Salmonella Contamination
    Macadamia Nuts Salmonella lawsuit

    NOW branded Macadamia Nuts Recalled for Potential Salmonella Contamination

                Now Health Group Inc. (NOW) of Bloomingdale, Illinois, is issuing a voluntary recall of NOW branded Macadamia Nuts due to concerns of potential Salmonella contamination. The contamination was found after routine sampling by NOW found traces of Salmonella in the finished Macadamia Nuts product in the same lot as the recalled product. While some of the contaminated lot was never sold and remains quarantined, the majority of the lot was already distributed to retailers. NOW has notified all retailers of the recalled macadamia nuts, asking retailers to pull the product from shelves and communicate the recall with customers. The contaminated lot has a “Best By” date of 01/2021 with lot number 3141055, item number 7119, and product description NOW Real Food Raw Macadamia Nuts, 8 oz. pouch. Customers who have purchased the product before the recall should not consume the nuts and can return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund with no receipt necessary. NOW Health Group’s Customer Service Department can be reached at 888-NOW-FOOD (888-669-3663) during business hours of Monday- Friday 8am- 5pm Central time for any questions or concerns regarding the recall.

                According to the CDC, Salmonella is a foodborne illness causing bacteria that causes 1.35 infections annually. Symptoms of Salmonella include typical food poisoning symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and cramping, though some have also reported nausea, vomiting, and a headache. Salmonella poisoning symptoms normally begin 6 hours to 6 days after ingestion of the bacteria, and the infection lasts between 4 and 7 days. The majority of people recover from the infection without treatment, though those with a severe infection may need a treatment of antibiotics. Some patients may need to be hospitalized due to dehydration from excessive diarrhea. If you believe you are suffering from Salmonella poisoning, contact your doctor for the best course of treatment. 


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