One Dead from Salmonella Outbreak at La California Restaurant: At Least One Employee Tests Positive for Salmonella at the Small Colorado Restaurant as Health Agencies Identify Nearly Three Dozen Victims

La California Restaurant
La California Restaurant Salmonella Outbreak Takes Life of Colorado Resident

One person had now died following an outbreak of Salmonella at La California Restaurant

One person has died from complications related to a salmonella outbreak at La California, a restaurant in Aurora, Colorado. Another 33 people have become ill from eating at the restaurant during a two-week period in November 2017. Three people were hospitalized as a result of salmonella contamination after eating at the restaurant.

Those affected apparently ate the family combo meal at La California. Health department officials have not been able to pinpoint the specific item in the combo meal that caused the salmonella outbreak, as everyone who became ill from the food poisoning apparently ate the entire combo meal.

The combo meal at the Mexican-themed restaurant, which health officials determined was probably the source of the salmonella poisoning based on a significant odds ratio, contained carnitas, buche (pork stomach), cueritos (pork rind), rice, beans, tortillas, salsa, chopped onion, cilantro, and lime wedges.

Thirty-two customers and one employee who became ill experienced symptoms of food poisoning related to salmonella contamination, including diarrhea and abdominal cramping. The outbreak occurred from November 4 to November 26, 2017, and was determined to have resulted from substandard food safety procedures.

Salmonella complications can include diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps 8 to 72 hours after eating contaminated food, headache, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, and fatigue. In severe cases, such as in the La California salmonella food poisoning incident, these can lead to death.

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