Organic Tea Recall: Salmonella Prompts Republic of Tea to Recall Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea


Salmonella Recall Republic of Tea RecallRepublic of Tea, a tea manufacturer founded in 1992, initiated a tea recall of its Organic Tumeric Ginger Green Tea “in response to a possible health risk.” The company emphasizes that no other teas produced by the company are subject to the recall. The Republic of Tea made the decision to announce the voluntary tea recall due to concerns that the tea may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria.

According to the company, a supplier notified the Republic of Tea that one lot of its organic ginger ingredient may be contaminated with the potentially harmful bacteria. The company’s press release goes to great lengths to emphasize the point that the contamination is probable at best, but does concede that infection with Salmonella “can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.”

Anatomy of a Tea Recall

The organic ginger supplier that informed the Republic of Tea that one of its ginger lots could possibly be contaminated with Salmonella received that information from another one of its customers, which indicated the possible presence of Salmonella.

Both the Republic of Tea and the organic ginger supplier (which remains unnamed throughout the press release) conducted their own investigations into the potential contamination. “Numerous samples” tested by both parties and accredited independent third party laboratories “confirmed the absence of Salmonella,” the statement released by the company early this morning stated. The company decided to go forward with the tea recall, however, and stating

[despite] the fact it was confirmed that there is no Salmonella in the organic ginger that was tested, The Republic of Tea is taking the precautionary measure to recall the following Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea:”

-50-count tins of Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea, “Best Sipped” by March 23, 2018 and marked with UPC 7-42676-40355-5;

-250-count bulk bags of Organic Tumeric Ginger, “Best Sipped” by March 23, 2018 and marked with UPC 7-42676-40355-5;

-250-count bulk bags of Organic Tumeric Ginger, “Best Sipped” by April 13, 2018 and marked with UPC 7-42676-40355-5; and

-50-count refill bags of Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea, “Best Sipped” by March 23, 2018 and marked with UPC 7-42676-40355-5.

The company further issued the following narrative statement:

“There is absolutely no evidence that our tea has been contaminated. We are taking this preventive, cautious measure because we want our citizens to feel comfortable when drinking our premium quality teas and herbs,” said Todd B. Rubin, Minister of Evolution at The Republic of Tea. “The health and safety of our citizens is our number one priority and we will not take potential health risks lightly. This voluntary recall is the first in our nearly quarter-century history.”

For consumers with questions and concerns regarding the tea recall, the company has set up a hotline, which can be reached at 1-800-298-4832, Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m and 5 p.m. (CST) or by emailing [email protected]

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