Thomson Red Onions Salmonella Lawsuit Drafted for Victim as Number of Cases Skyrocket: 396 Victims in 34 Cases with 59 Hospitalizations

    Red Onion’s Remain at Center of Large International Salmonella Outbreak: Cases Continue to be Reported in Canada and New Victims Coming Forward in the U.S.
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    Thomson Onions Salmonella Lawsuit – Number of Cases Skyrocket:  396 Victims in 34 Cases with 59 Hospitalizations

    According to National Salmonella Lawsuit Lawyer Ron Simon, “the recent outbreak of nearly 400 salmonella victims has finally led investigators from the CDC and FDA to Thompson onions.  The announcement, on July 31st, comes one day after Canadian health officials named red onions as the source of 114 confirmed cases in that country, with 43 victims in British Columbia, 55 in Alberta, 13 in Manitoba, 2 in Ontario, and one on Prince Edward Island.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) noted the ongoing outbreak in the U.S., and this,” added Simon, “was confirmed today when the CDC released its findings of red onions at the heart of a massive salmonella Newport outbreak.” 

    His National Salmonella law firm has established a Salmonella Help-Line at 1-888-335-4901.

    The First Red Onion Salmonella Lawsuit was prepared weeks ago when the first victims were identified (July 12th), says Red Onion Salmonella lawyer Simon, in anticipation of the CDC, FDA, and CFIA concluding their investigation.  Now that Thomson Red onions have been identified, the litigation can commence.  Each Red Onion Salmonella lawsuit will also name the particular retailer identified by the victims in their interviews with health agencies.

    “Usually the entity at the center of the outbreak, in this case Thomson Red Onions, is known before the first announcement of an outbreak of salmonella illnesses is announced.  In this case, investigators took time – with Oregon hit hardest (71 cases), followed by Utah with 61. California has identified 49 red onion salmonella cases, and Montana 33.  The fact that the outbreak covers so many states slowed the process.”

    The number of victims in the U.S. is expected to grow, but already has nearly hit 400 – considered a large national salmonella outbreak by any standard.  Salmonella accounts for 1 in three food poisoning deaths every year (about .8% of confirmed cases), with a hospitalization rate of approximately 1 in 5 (22% of all cases). There are about 1.4 million cases every year in the U.S..

    The Red Onion Salmonella lawsuits will begin to investigate, alongside the CDC and FDA investigations, the root cause of the outbreak and how contaminated red onions were allowed to spread so far for nearly a month before being identified.


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